Clal Finance, the Premier Non-Bank Financial Group in Israel

Financial Strength and Uncompromising Professionalism Place Clal Finance at the Forefront of Israeli Business

Through intelligent portfolio management, an experienced understanding of capital markets, and the on-going study of market trends, Clal Finance leads the Israeli financial and investment industries.

Clal Finance offers a wide selection of services to both private and business clients. These include consultation on investments and savings, financial portfolio management, deposit management, tailored investment products, mutual funds, pension funds, study funds, workers' compensation funds, mortgages, underwriting, foreign exchange and international investment.

Clal Finance is a subsidiary of Clal Insurance Enterprise Holdings Ltd. and is owned by Israel's largest conglomerate, I.D.B., which holds 55% of its shares together with Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank that holds 16% of its shares. The remaining shares are publicly held and are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Our strength and expertise come together with an attentive understanding of our client's needs, which enables us to offer products and services that provide a better, brighter future.


Clal Finance Batucha, the Best-Known Portfolio Management Company in Israel

Seasoned Professionals that Work for You

The professionals at Clal Finance Batucha are seasoned experts at providing investment consulting, financial services and investment portfolio management to private clients, companies and public organizations. With assets under management exceeding NIS 10 billion, Clal Finance Batucha is the largest non-bank financial institution in Israel and a member of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Clal Finance Batucha is the only financial portfolio management company with branches around the country. Each of our branches employs highly qualified investment consultants and portfolio managers, which provide our clients with a wide range of products and professional services.

The Company operates one of the leading capital market research departments in the country in addition to state-of-the-art trading facilities, which enable us to optimally manage client portfolios while tracking trends and events in the local and international markets.

Clal Finance Batucha's branch deployment and a variety of investment products together with its knowledgeable experienced staff enable the Company to offer effective and secure services that answer each and every one of our client's need.

Clal Finance Mutual Funds Offer a Cultivated Range of Successful Investment Options

The Profitable Way to Invest

Clal Finance Mutual Funds was established with the goal of providing clients with the ability to choose the type of investment that most suits them. Each fund blends different investment strategies that result in unique investment products. These funds combine local and foreign currencies, indices, stocks, bonds and a number of other investment vehicles that are dynamically matched to reflect changing market conditions.

Experienced fund managers handpicked from among the leaders in their field guide fund management to a practiced art. Investment in Clal Finance Mutual Funds enables our clients to benefit from maximum liquidity while minimizing risk through optimal diversification. Smart fund management is a Clal Finance Mutual Funds trademark.

Clal Finance Provident Funds is the Leading Non-Bank Provident and Study Fund Management Company in Israel

The Smart Way to Save for Tomorrow
Established in 1991, Clal Finance Provident Funds manages the savings of more than 40,000 clients with assets under management exceeding NIS 1 billion.

Many industry leaders in the Israeli marketplace are counted among the ranks of our clients. Clal Finance Provident Funds strive to achieve preferred yields over time as compared to equivalent banking funds, without increasing the risk entailed in portfolio investment.

The company offers three groups of products that include provident funds, study funds and workers' compensation funds. It provides clients with flexibility in choosing their products resulting in custom tailored investment packages.

Clal Finance Canaf Manages the Financial Assets of Clal Insurance Enterprise Holdings Ltd.

Financial Bearing You Can Depend On

As one of the leading and most established institutional investor in Israel, Clal Finance Canaf manages assets reaching NIS 25 billion. Its professional staff has accumulated years of experience and developed a reputation unrivalled in the local capital market, with proven ability in long-term investment strategies. Assets under management include all on-balance sheet assets, such as general insurance reserves, life insurance reserves and the Group's equity. Assets managed by Clal Finance Canaf are invested in all asset classes, including local and international bonds and equities, loans, deposits, cash funds, mortgages, and real estate both in Israel and abroad.

In addition, investments are diversified in areas such as BOT projects and private equity. Investing in these channels enables Clal Finance Canaf to optimally diversify its investment portfolio in the long run both geographically and by industry segments, while providing superior yields as compared to its competitors.

Clal Finance Amitim Manages Clal Insurance Enterprise Holdings Ltd. Profit Sharing Funds

Managing Tomorrow's Investments Today

A subsidiary of Clal Finance Canaf, Clal Finance Amitim manages a total of NIS 10 billion. These assets include capital invested in unit-linked investment products (also known as Profile). The Company's trained professional staff utilizes its extensive experience with advanced financial instruments, together with in-depth research, which result in impressive yields and consistent results that stand the test of time.

Clal Finance Mortgages offers Prestigious Service and Quick Response to Client Needs

We've broken the Mold in the Mortgage Industry

Clal Finance Mortgages offers the most attractive mortgages on the market. Founded in 1989 as the first nonbanking mortgage unit in Israel, the Company offers a wealth of advantages to its clients. Clal Finance Mortgages' strong financial bearing frees it from the need to raise deposits, an advantage that typically enables it to offer clients the lowest and most flexible interest terms on the market.

Clal Finance Underwriting,the Underwriting Arm of Clal Finance Ltd.

Sealing Transactions with Success
Clal Finance Underwriting raises funds for public and private companies through underwriting, building advanced financial products, managing debentures, distributing securities and consulting on mergers and acquisitions. Its staff of knowledgeable underwriters possesses extensive experience in the Israeli capital market and specializes in constructing and marketing quality products that are custom tailored to the Israeli market.

Clal Finance Underwriting is one of the leading underwriting firms in Israel with an impressive track record.

Clal Finance,the Financial Arm of Clal Holdings

Clal Finance is the premier non-bank financial institution in Israel. We are committed to continue leading the way in financial services by providing creative solutions and developing new and better products for our private and business clients while increasing our client's financial standing and remaining the financial pioneer of the Israeli capital markets.